Frangible Fences

The MIM frangible table and open oxer. The main reason I went with the MIM system to build the frangible tables and open oxers is the science and engineering behind this system allows for activation in both the horizontal and downward directions. I am confident that cross country jumps built using the MIM system are safer for horse and rider.

Care must be taken in the construction of the jumps using the MIM system to ensure the frangible devices activate the way they are designed. Testing of the motion of activation of these frangible devices should be carried out after they are built. The MIM tables I constructed here required a modification to the angle of the blocks supporting the table after activation to ensure the table was supported evenly and not putting unnecessary stress on the MIM hinges.

The photo below shows the modification to the supporting block and the support added to the bottom of the frame to allow a fork lift to easily pick up and transport the table: