Course Design

Steve Buckman makes jumps for both X-Country courses and Stadium. He consistently makes the FEI and national percentages for safety and requirements for the courses. His philosophy is that, “Good courses make good horses”, designing courses specifically to help the horses to increase their scope and jumping ability.

The most important thing on a cross country course is the footing, as horses come in contact with the ground on every stride. The second most important thing is the flow of the track as it is essential that horses maintain the speed required for their level throughout the entire course. And next is the placement of the obstacles to encourage good jumping. Consideration of all three factors is essential to have a good course.

Steve stands out as he both designs and builds the arenas, grounds and jumps. He brings expertise not just from over 20 years of building jumps but also as a logger and structural mine planner to build the highest quality jumps around. Steve’s log jumps are assembled with log joining and timber framing techniques for durability and aesthetics. He can work with a course over a number of years to establish a high level but economical course. Make your course one that stands out and that the horses love!

Most of Steve’s fences are portable and are organizer friendly, as they can be easily moved. One of the advantages of using portable jumps on courses is so the organizer can change the courses with minimal expense. It is also highly advantageous to be able to alter the distance between fences and alter combinations. That way the best footing can be considered and the courses are easier to maintain. Steve’s fences are built with structure and supports that allow the machinery that’s available to the organizer to move the jumps with as little effort as possible.

Check out the following galleries to see some examples of Steve’s jumps:​

Log Carvings Banks & Steps
Cabins, Coops, & Benches Corners & Narrows
Ditches & Coffins Frangible Fences
Miscellaneous Portable Picture Frames
Tables & Roll Tops Trakehners & Weldon Walls
Water Jumps Show Jumps